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If you're here, that means you've heard about our amazing new Cinderella-style carriages.
We've had an overwhelming demand for these two carriages and many requests for booking them. The carriages were installed on May 12th 2017, and will be permanently in place at our two branches in London at House of Fraser Oxford Street and House of Fraser Victoria Street.
There has been a lot of press coverage and even Cosmo (Cosmopolitan Magazine) has published an article about our cinderella carriages: Cosmopolitan article here
So we're now taking bookings for the two carriages (there is one at each of our two London branches).
There is a usage fee of £11.95 per person to use the carriage, plus a minimum spend of £19 per person.  For the usage fee, you get use of the carriage for a one hour and 15 minute time slot. Of course after your time in the carriage is over, you are free to move to one of our normal tables.
For the £19 minimum spend you can, for example, have our Traditional Afternoon Tea which costs only £19.25 per person. Or you if you want to have breakfast or lunch instead of the afternoon tea, you can order anything from our main menu as long as it totals £19 per person. For example, you can have a main course, a drink and nice dessert. The final price will depend on what main course, dessert and drink you choose.
With regards to the options of afternoon tea and main courses, you can find all prices and details in our menu. You just need to scroll down and click on the menu icon to view a PDF of the menu.
You can book the carriage for two people up to six people. Four adults can sit very comfortably in the carriage. Six guests in the carriage will be OK but we have to advise you that it is a bit of a squeeze if it is six adults in the carriage. The table that is built into the carriage is probably a bit small for 6 people so for six people we might have to add a couple of small tables on the side of the carriage to hold a few items.
For the usage fee you get use of the carriage for 75 minutes,  after which the carriage turns into a pumpkin.  Just kidding!  But there is big demand for the carriage so we ask our guests to stick to the time slots. The time slots are as follows:
Monday to Saturday
10am to 11:15am (for breakfast or afternoon tea)
11:30am to 12:45pm (for lunch or afternoon tea)
1pm to 2:15pm (for lunch or afternoon tea)
2:30pm to 3:45pm (for lunch or afternoon tea)
4pm to 5:15pm (for lunch or afternoon tea)
5:30pm to 6:45pm (for lunch or afternoon tea)
7pm to 8:15pm - (for afternoon tea only) 
NOTE: the last slot above is only available at our Oxford Street branch and not at Victoria Street.
12:30pm to 1:45pm (for lunch or afternoon tea)
1:45pm to 3:00pm  (for lunch or afternoon tea)
3:00pm to 4:15pm  (for lunch or afternoon tea)
4:30pm to 5:45pm  (for lunch or afternoon tea) 
NOTE: On Sundays, our Victoria Street branch closes at 6pm and our Oxford Street branch closes at 6:30pm
You can book online using the two links below, one for our Oxford Street branch and the other for our Victoria Street branch.
At the time of booking you would need to pay a non-refundable deposit. This deposit is the total amount of the usage fee per guest which is currently £11.95 per person so if you are booking for example for 2 guests, the deposit is £23.90, for 3 guests the deposit is £35.85, for 4 guests the deposit is £47.80, etc etc
When you click on one of the links, it will take you to the booking page where it says "Book a Table". But please do not worry and rest assured that you are booking a carriage not a normal table. It's only because the online booking software we are using does not allow us to change it from Book a Table to Book a Carriage. But when you enter your details and click on 'Book', and before you have paid, you will receive an automated email from us that confirms to you that you are booking the Cinderella Carriage and not just any table.
Once you have booked, you need to continue the booking process by paying the non-refundable deposit. If you don't pay it, the booking gets automatically cancelled after two hours. Once you have paid, you will receive an automated email with the confirmation. Please make sure you bring this along with  you on the day of your visit.

To find and book available slots at our Victoria Street
branch please click below

To find and book available slots at our Oxford Street
branch please click below